ecogreno Services

ecogreno facilitates the whole process of supply and demand of the buildings’ construction, renovation, and optimization based on the knowledge and technology of today in its marketplace.

ecogreno is a platform for gathering the necessary information for planning, provisioning, and implementing building reconstruction/optimization projects and enabling intelligent match-making by utilizing geographical location data, in order to execute projects quickly, cost-effectively, and environmentally friendly.



Marketplace for all products & services of construction market


Smart match-making

Customization of proposals based on customer’s location, regulatory requirements, etc.



Categorizing the products and services based on compatibility with the environment and the level of pollution reduction


Passive House

Facilitate more efficient use of resources and processes

We help people & businesses gain the best result from build/rehab projects

ecogreno works for individual End users & Businesses

Individuals/End users

Individual customers would enjoy finding what they need within a big database of qualified suppliers & service providers using smart match-making services based on their specific conditions in many fields including: 

Architecture & Structure
Electrical & Mechanical
Landscape Design
Site Planning
Interior Design

The ecogreno marketplace delivers information gathered from equipment/providers/services to users seeking to carry out building renovation/optimization programs quickly and cost-effectively, while also helping to minimize environmental damage during the implementation process. 

ecogreno marketplace enables business owners to introduce their products/services and facilitate more tailored sales/distributions based on diverse customers’ requirements.

Wider & Tailored market
Competitive access to local customers
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